Educational Programs & Lesson Plans


Educational Programs & Lesson Plans

Our Educational Programs

Fort Dobbs is pleased to offer a variety of educational programming that brings a glimpse of colonial frontier life to the classroom.

Our EDUCATOR'S GUIDE (.pdf) outlines the assortment of programming available for school aged children.

Our EDUCATOR'S PACKET (.pdf) contains a variety of information, worksheets and program descriptions to prepare you for your visit to Fort Dobbs or a visit by Fort Dobbs staff to your school.

Our ESSENTIAL STANDARDS (.pdf) contains a description of the North Carolina Essential Standards met by Fort Dobbs programs.

If you have suggestions for future programming or lesson plans or would like to see additional information on this page, please let us hear from you. Additionally, be sure to check our EVENTS schedule frequently for upcoming special programming.


Settler Occupations (.pdf)                      Deserter Descriptions (.pdf)

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Also see our REENACTORS page for historically accurate guidelines & applications.