"I've been waiting for this weekend for months!" — War for Empire Visitor

Militia Muster
July 23-24

All males ages 16-60 were required by law to serve in North Carolina’s militia during the French and Indian War.  These civilians would gather at appointed times during the year to practice military drill and could be used to quickly form an army for defense at times of invasion.  Historic interpreters representing the Rowan County militia will offer on-going displays of military camp life, as well as featured musket and cannon firing demonstrations.  9-5 Saturday, 10-3 Sunday.  Free ($2 donation suggested.)


Military Timeline
November 12-13

Visit with soldiers and support personnel from hundreds of years of North Carolina history.  The experiences of veterans of the Revolution, Civil War, World Wars and other conflicts will be shared through living history displays and weapons firing demonstrations.  9-5 Saturday, 10-3 Sunday.  Free ($2 donation suggested.)

Homeschool Day
December 9

Homeschooling families are invited to engage with interpreters in hands-on activities which will bring the 18th century to life.     10-3 Friday.  Fee and pre-registration required.  Please contact staff for details.

Winter Living History and Foodways Workshop
December 10-11

During the weekend, historic interpreters will discuss winter life in a French and Indian War camp through living history demonstrations.  Historic foodways and beer brewing will be highlighted.  9-5 Saturday, 10-3 Sunday.  Free ($2 donation suggested.)

Special events and living history weekends are made possible by the generosity of the Friends of Fort Dobbs, who support the mission of Fort Dobbs State Historic Site —
“To preserve and interpret the history of Fort Dobbs and North Carolina's role in the French and Indian War."